Saturday, March 25, 2006

Binary Puberty (or, "11001001")

Yesterday Posy bought a robot vacuum cleaner. It cleans the floor and scares the dog.

Today she's trying to show me how a blog works. It doesn't clean the floor and scares me.

Someone once said, "People are not thinking machines, we're feeling machines that think."

(Hence the robot vacuum.)

That's how I feel about technology. Posy loves it. She gets it. She could spend hours telling me what she's learned about html code, but in the end I'm still Frankenstein, holding out my arm and saying, "friend?"

I am going through binary puberty.


Posy said...

We make a good team. :)

butter said...

While going through binary puberty, changes are normal... ;)

Nice blog you got going here.

comment4U said...

Posy is going to LOVE her robot vacuum. Roomba is my best friend, if he talked, I would consider kicking out the spouse and kids. lol