Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Giveth up thy what now?

On the bus ride home from work, I read the following message on our church's sign out front:

Give up your fear of dying

A week later it said:

Give up your fear of living

The week after that it said:

Give up your guilt and misery

Come on, this is the Midwest. By Easter we'll all be dead from boredom.

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Moxy Jane said...

HA!! Really...what's left if we give up all that?! We wouldn't need churches and their silly attempts at Marque Salvation!

The local Baptists really like to blast folks..."Don't make me come down there...again! -God". Apparently, they have no problem speaking on behalf of The Almighty.

Personally, I prefer our church's monthly mailings which say things like, "If anyone among you considers themselves wise in this age, let them become a fool so as to become wise" (I Corinthians 3:18)...and which makes my brain hurt thinking about becoming a fool in order to become wise...which would mean I would then have to become a fool again...and so on. So, perhaps I am already a fool...and therefore wise?

I give up.