Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Hardee's Chronicles, Part V

During my first week on the job my manager, the rotund Betty, gave me some sage advice about how to properly wash dishes. She said to me, "Make the water as hot as you can stand it, and then make it even hotter."



LC said...

That's hard to figure out. It's either really deep or really stupid, but nothing in between. Your manager was either a zen master or an idiot. Will you ever really know for sure?

Jenikalicious said...

Hmm, maybe she used her same token advice when she put on her make up in the morning..."ok now, put the regular amount of hot pink blush on, now put it on as thick as you can stand it! Yes, that looks perfect." Oh wait, that was my Hardees manager,Becky. Heh hee!

John's Brain said...

lc, Yes, I'm convinced she was an idiot. There is nothing zen about working at Hardee's, unless it's the sudden realization that you can do better.

Jen, I think that was the same manager. Did she moonlight as Bubbles the clown? (Uck -- definitely not zen.)