Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hardees Chronicles, Part VI -- starring dad!!

Years ago dad was in Rochester on business, and he went to a Hardees for a fish sandwich. So he went inside and placed his order, and asked if they could give it to him in a napkin instead of Styrofoam.

When the girl at the counter asked why, he explained that it kills ozone molecules.

Then she went back to ask her manager, who craned his neck like an idiot. Then she came back and said it would be fine. So she gave dad the fish sandwich, wrapped in a napkin, and the battle for the environment was...not won. Because then the fry cook took a Styrofoam container from the stack and tossed it.

Not only did they serve the food in Styrofoam, they also used it to count how many sandwiches they sold each day.


A woman waiting in line behind dad had been listening to the whole conversation. When she placed her order, she asked not to have Styrofoam too.


jana said...

Oh, my gosh. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Dale, you're a real pioneer.

LC said...

And this is the story of how a revolution began in small town Minnesota folks...stay tuned for the next chapter: How the Minnesotans won the war on PVC by boycotting pleather boots.

dave said...

Dad's internal struggles have always made me laugh. Unfortunately Its slowly becoming apparent that somehow the rest of us have inherited this incomprehensible ability to be trumped by the idiot, and it has lost its humor. I think its in at least one of our destinies to end up like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

John's Brain said...

I can almost hear the documentary now...Dale and the Ozone Layer. A Ken Burns special, tonight on PBS.

Love the Micahel Douglas imagery. I think we all have a little of him inside. Which is why it's both funny and not funny.

dave said...

Did I ever tell you I toted 150 pounds worth of Ken Burns's $10,000 cameras on my back through the Idaho outback while he rode down the trail on my horse? What a bastard. But I got him to sign a map for dad. I figured that was worth some of the tension I've put in dad's chest.

John's Brain said...

No, I didn't know that. I hope you got credit as a grip or something. Did you have to open his canned peaches too? How was he fixed for socks and underwear?

Sorry. It's late. I don't even know the guy.

paul said...

I think Dave hit the nail on the head. For every good deed you try to carry out, there's always some beard-o around to steal your horse. Or walk on the ski trail in hiking boots.

ps - that's my anonymous comment about the los lobos gang. I tried to sign it. I don't know how computers work.

dave said...

oh man i hate those people that walk on the ski trails in hiking boots.

John's Brain said...

You guys should have a blog where you just say random stuff the whole time. I love reading your comments.