Thursday, July 02, 2009

Adventures on a Sidewalk

Every day on the walk home I encounter the same piece of dog poop. It's in the middle of the sidewalk. After weeks of sitting there it doesn't even look like poop anymore, just a clump of dirt that the flies abandon when I get too close. I forget that it's there every time, and every time I see it I almost step on it and every time I think Whew, that was close.

It reminds me of work somehow.


Biology Guy said...


LC said...

I've noticed that guys seem to like to talk about poop, or at least they have no problem with it. I won't get into it, but from a girl perspective, this is a sign of some sort. Watch that tird carefully to uncover the deeper meaning.

Anonymous said...

LC it is a guy thing no matter how old we are. A guy can say to his friend, "smell this, it is really nasty." Sure enough his friend will take a sniff.

JP Jana and LC's Dad