Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On a Roll

On walking into the men's room today, I saw several rolls of toilet paper sitting out. The brand name was "Preference."

It was one of those moments of zen that stops all conscious thought. Then:

Who gets to name toilet paper? Is there a contest? Does the name have to convey dignity? What do these people look like? Are they embarrassed to talk with others about their jobs? "It's true, I'm the one who came up with 'Preference.' That one took all night. Hey could I get another martini over here?"

I know that my job as a medical copyeditor is pretty unique, but I mean, I don't get to name toilet paper.


Stein said...

An optimistic bunch, as well. I mean, really, who names a roll of crappy single-ply, commercial use toilet paper "Preference"? Preference over what? Sandpaper?

John said...

The same goes for kleenex and paper towels. The irony is, we use more because it's flimsy because it's cheap.