Monday, April 23, 2007


Here's a photo of the play I'm in, called Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii. The story is about Vivien, a romance novelist whose next opus is created around the events unfolding before her. And trust me, that's the easiest explanation there is.

And now, the cast of characters.

From top left:

Bill: married to Betty; had a daughter with Doris
Doris: married to Edgar
Edgar (me): married to Doris; had a son with Betty
Betty: married to Bill; Vivien's editor

From bottom left:

Peggy: Bill and Doris' daughter
Peter: Edgar and Betty's son
Vivien: romance novelist



Moxy Jane said...

Woowee!! Good times!! Oh, how I wish I could partake in the hilarity that is bound to ensue. It's almost enough to make me pick up a romance novel...hee-hee.

Anonymous said...

I recommend this to all! very funny, and good acting, too! d.m

Moxy Jane said...

...but why does the accompanying photo look like it had a run-in with Photo Shop? Reminds me of something on the cover of Weekly World News..."Bat Boy Caught in Love Nest with Romance Novelist's Editor's Lover's Son!"