Sunday, April 15, 2007

This afternoon we went to Herbergers, where I spent $90 on a $90 pair of shoes that cost $90. The shoes, which cost me $90, were not on sale. I went to the cashier, told her I would like to buy these shoes for $90, and was charged the full $90 retail price for the shoes.

The price of the shoes -- which was $90 -- was paid in full. I agreed to pay the whole amount of the non-negotiable price advertised for the shoes.

The shoes which cost $90.


Posy said...

It is just as funny in print as it was last night when you read it to me. I'm glad you make me laugh!

jana said...

Did Paul put you up to this because I am always justifying new shoe purchases with, "They were on sale"? Point taken, fellows.

Anonymous said...

Only $90?