Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Blog of 2007

I should really change my profile photo, but I haven't taken a better picture in the last year. Or the previous 35.

One point of interest though: the night that photo was taken -- December 24th, 2006 -- I flossed a small chunk of filling out of one of my teeth, making it impossible to enjoy the many Christmas treats with both sides of my mouth. And since it happened at the start of the happiest dang holiday on the planet, all the dentists of the world were at home with their families and I had to wait until January 2nd to get it fixed.

And that's how I secured my place among the greats at the Library Table.

[Sporty theme music here]

Happy 2008!

John's Brain


paul said...

library table club unite!

Posy said...

No one joined the club this year, although you were on way. Good thing I stopped you after your 3rd drink on a very empty stomach.

Anonymous said...

I had to do something, no one else stepped up to the plate. The thing about wine is, it sneaks up on you. I was keeping tabs though. And why would you drink on a full stomach?