Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Inventory of Chairs

6 deck chairs
2 lounge chairs
1 beach chair
2 wicker chairs
2 easy chairs
1 piano bench
1 captain's chair
2 office chairs
2 children's desk chairs
1 bee chair
1 rocking chair
12 dining chairs
1 drum stool

Not bad for a family of three.

P.S., we also have 6 spatulas.


Posy said...

And to think, the place that I most often sit is not even listed, the couch.

jana said...

Wait, where are the twelve dining chairs? Do you have a mysterious dining room somewhere I don't know about?

Anonymous said...

You have one spatula for each hand in the family. I think that's about perfect for making pancakes for 34 guests. So, the inventory comes out about right.


Moxy Jane said...

I consider myself a lover of chairs. But you! My good sir, you are a chair Lothario...and well on your way to being a spatula man-about-town.

For shame.

(So, tell me, Don Juan, what's the difference between an easy chair and a lounge chair?)

John's Brain said...

Jana, yes we do have a hidden dining room. It's in our basement. It's called the Secret Forbidden Dining Room of Mystery. We use it once every full moon, dressed in capes, like any other normal family.

John's Brain said...

Moxy, you make being a spatula aficionado sound cool. Now I'm glad that we have so many. I'll probably go buy more.

And now, the difference between lounge chairs and easy chairs [to be read in the voice of Antonio Banderas]:
The lounge chairs are for the deck. The easy chairs are for the living room. But don't quote me on that, it might be the other way around.

-The Chair Lothario

Moxy Jane said...

I can just see you now, brandishing your many spatulas, your cape swirling around you, as you move from chair to chair.

There's no stopping you now.

I wonder...would Antonio say, "THpatula"? Being the Thpaniard that hi ith..."the eathy chairth are for the leeveeng rrrrrooom."

John's Brain said...

It's like you can see inside my brain. How did you figure that out?

Yeah Antonio probably would talk that way. I should have picked someone with more dignity. Like Steve Carell.