Monday, October 22, 2012

The Headland Observer

Impostor Crashes Ball Game

A large brown bear pretending to be a person was taken into custody shortly before a Twins game at Target Field yesterday.
“We usually spot suspicious people right away,” said Ted Johnson, director of security. “But that bear had a baseball cap on and walked right through the gates. This guy had weeks of training. We were totally fooled.”
When asked about the bear’s appearance on Free Salmon night at the ballpark, Johnson stated that it could be a coincidence, “but he did jump up and down a few times after we gave him that fish. And I remember thinking, ‘Well that’s different.’”
The bear wandered freely about the park for several minutes, arousing suspicion only after several onlookers reported a “big hairy guy” swinging at a bees’ nest near the Twins’ dugout.
The bear was tranquilized, held for questioning, tagged, and released without incident.

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