Thursday, April 20, 2006

Elbow Banging

I am banging the hell out of my elbows lately. I'm fed up with the pain of how it feels, causing me to get angry and wave my arms and bang my elbow on the counter.

High-risk activities for elbow bangings:

1. turning in chair at work
2. eating at kitchen table
3. reaching for shampoo dispenser in shower
4. getting out of car
5. carrying daughter to bed

I could hold a concert where all I do is walk around on stage, banging various objects with my elbows. The applause might be worth it.


John's Brain said...
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Moxy Jane said...

I'm sure Poppy could come up with some sort of elbow safety gear for you to wear! In bio-hazard orange or, maybe Ikea has something a bit more hip? You could really be on to something here!

Moxy Jane said...

I think I meant Posy. But Poppy could probably give you some ideas as well!

John's Brain said...

Ha ha. Excellent idea. Also add a slow-moving-vehicle sign on my back for added patheticness.

Moxy Jane said...

HA! Just like those tractors that drove us high schoolers nuts! Yes, dear Dad, you have come of age. Complete with banged up elbows and bio-hazard orange safety gear.