Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Daylight Saving Time

Since Daylight Saving Time is not considered a holiday (and it should be), I chose to celebrate it by getting myself a white chocolate mocha. (I stopped drinking coffee two weeks ago.)

I'm also holding a moment of silence -- because I lost 60 of them -- to mourn that holiest of hours, the one that gave itself so I could have more light in my day.

And to curse the guy who thought of it. I'm sure there was a reason, and I'm sure he didn't sleep much, and I'm sure he was a dork.

Technically the loss of one hour and the acquisition of more light should not make that much difference, yet today I felt like I had been on a plane that went around the globe nonstop and then dropped me off at my job. What if I were a landscaper? A pet groomer? The guy who bends paper clips for a living?

I know it doesn't sound like a holiday, what with all the drinking, mourning, and cursing, but I feel that it should be one anyway. And I wish you all a Happy Daylight Saving Time.

I'm John's Brain. Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

Daylight Savings Time: In 1784, while Franklin was living in France, he wrote a humorous letter to the Journal of Paris, in which he suggested that it would be more thrifty to use natural light than to burn candles or oil lamps. In his tongue-in-cheek commentary, Franklin recommended that the city of Paris enact a number of laws which would force Parisians to get up with the sun and retire early in the evening. Later, Franklin's letter was published as an essay under the title of An Economical Project. We will never know if Franklin intended anyone to take his idea seriously, but every April and October people reset their clocks to "spring ahead" or "fall back."

butter said...

I agree, it should be a holiday. That way we would get off work/school for the day that we lose an hour of sleep.